Covid Singapore 2021-09-30: Medium+ Mass Vaccinated (2021-07-24) - Cases 73x Worse - Deaths 40 against 0 vs 2020-09 Not Mass Vaccinated

Is the Medium+ Mass Vaccinated Singapore (120 doses / 100 people, 49% two doses, 73% one dose - 24 July 2021) heading for a covid wave and lockdown during the viral low season? Will a significant increase in number of deaths and admittances to hospitals, ICU's and on ventilators follow in line with the significant increase in active cases? Should it thus be added to the appendix A below or not?

The answer on 30 September 2021 - The Emperors without Clothes: the Medium+ Mass Vaccinated Singapore is in a deadly covid wave with active cases 73 times worse and 40 deaths against 0 versus the same period (September) previous year without mass vaccination! See:

The above observation, the exacerbation of the covid pandemic after specific antibody mass vaccination, was and is scientifically the most plausible outcome of this mass vaccination. Consequently, this science and the above observation is evidence of a serious violation, among many other serious violations (for example for young healthy people see the end of this article), of among others the following two rules of the Nuremberg Code:
The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.

The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.
And now they also have plans and already effective implementations (seen worldwide) to mandate besides luring and forcing the covid mass vaccination!

Concerning Delta:
1. According to my insights high transmissibility and of course “It has features that enable escape from the immune system” of the Delta variant are important signs of a serious and dangerous viral immune escape variant driven by specific antibody mass vaccination and by lockdowns! See article links below.

2. Is there an increased risk for ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) and antibody mediated enhancement of the disease with this delta and derived variants?

See the next article link: now with appendix A: Articles about and images from mass vaccinated countries with:
– surges: viral immune escape and potentially antibody dependent and/or mediated enhancement (these are strong and dangerous worsenings of the disease) variants driven by the specific antibody mass vaccination? What about fully vaccinated people getting infected and dying with the Delta and derived variants with an apparently 6 fold death rate? and
– lockdowns
Mongolia, Seychelles, Bahrain and many more countries to be added to appendix A and with worldwide vaccination and covid situation maps.

@CNN To end this pandemic, 'we've got to get everyone in our country vaccinated,' US surgeon general says Top criticizing and/or clarifying comments, links and images of the above CNN main article follow further down after the links to the main article.
http://www.tumia.org/en/directory/en/instance.php? tiname=@CNN%20To%20end%20this%20pandemic,%20weve%20got%20to%20get%20everyone %20in%20our%20country%20vaccinated,%20US%20surgeon%20general&relationship=All&drsid=0&pisid=0&page=1

The latter increase results in high reported adverse effect probabilities and death probabilities after covid vaccination that are for the young extremely higher than the death probability after about one year of covid:
http://www.tumia.org/en/directory/en/instance.php?tiname= @ArchiveOrg%20Frontline%20Workers%20Testimonies%20and%20VAERs %20Covid%20Vaccination%20Adverse%20Events%20%E2%80%93 %20March%202021&relationship=All&drsid=0&pisid=0&tiname_dno=1&page=1

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The article ”Covid Singapore 2021-09-30: Medium+ Mass Vaccinated (2021-07-24) - Cases 73x Worse - Deaths 40 against 0 vs 2020-09 Not Mass Vaccinated” was written by Paka Small – 2021/09/30.

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