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ging with a pack on, but I hadn't loaded up with water, fi guri ng it best to keep it as light as I could until I reached -------- or those who haven't seen it, the new bridge bypassing Hoover Dam is a pretty spectacular piece of engineering. It's bee
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uito nada, isto mesmo, nada. Nada aqui e nada ali por horas.Mas neste meio tempo, entre Vegas e Flagstaff, conhecemos a Hoover Dam , aquela represa monumental. É fascinante pelo tamanho da estrutura, realmente impressionante. De lá tocamos direto pr
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, summer, utah, wish | Leave a Comment Hoover DamWhile in Vegas visiting my family, my sister Hollie and I drove out to Hoover Dam with her boys (Junior, Adam, and Xavier) the temp was lower than normal this time of year but there was quitea bit of w
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Dakilang Islander#navbar-iframe { display:block } Thursday, July 29, 2010 Hoover Dam , NevadaPosted by Dakilang Islander at 6:30 PM 2 comments Labels: A. PHOTOGRAPHY, B. OFW LIFE iSaturday, July 24, 2010vacation...vacationI'm back for the hundred time
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So, here's the proof of the fun we had...We stopped to photograph Lake Mead on our way to The Grand Canyon...Here's the Hoover Dam ...Awww...the Grand CanyonOwly looking at you!Majestic EagleHoover Dam on the way home.  The bridge is getting closer to
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